Monday, November 16, 2009

Poster Contest Winners!

This fall, Elmer Library had its second annual poster contest. We had a record number of entries this year: 47!  It was a very tough choice, but we selected one winner from each grade.  The winners are:

Kindergarten: Christopher M.

First Grade: Jenna A.

Second Grade: Saul C.

Third Grade: Perrida L.

Fourth Grade: Nadiya B.

Fifth Grade: Nyara T.

Sixth Grade: Felicia O., Simran R., Gabbie P.

All posters will be hung in the library for the rest of the school year.  Other people who made posters are:

Nicholas C.
Lindsey D.
Imonie W.
Harley K.
Rebecca R.
Breanna B.
Josh A.
Damarie R.
Audley B.
Michelle U.
Kimberly R.
Josh E.
Denise D.
Arnez M.
Kiara E.
Nyzir H.
Morgyn L.
Gabriella R.
Keizyiah M.
Kaseem J.
Alex M.
Dante T.
Jeffrey C.
Preetima M.
Sabina M.
Pamela L.
Ayshana C.
Ralena G.
Nakyla J.
Tiffany I.
Angela P.
Margaret H.
Isa B.
Shontiara W.

Congratulations, everyone!

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