Saturday, November 7, 2009

Picture book of the week: The M & M's Counting Book

I love our new circulation software.  Not only can you access it from any computer with internet access, but it also prints wonderful reports.  October was the first full month that we used the OPALs software, and when I printed our statistics report in the beginning of November, I found a little bit of trivia at the bottom (and I love trivia!)--the most circulated book at Yates for the month of October was not a spooky story, as you might guess; it was The M & M's Counting Book.  This title was checked out six times in October!

Yes, it might seem a little commercial, because those smiling M & M's, with arms and legs, are on every page, but it is a great way for students to practice counting, number recognition, number sets, shapes, adding, subtracting, colors, and rhyming.  All in one book.  This title, along with some actual M & M's (without the arms and legs, of course) would make for a very exciting lesson for your students in grades K-2.

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