Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chapter book of the week: Sunny Holiday

Local author Coleen Murtagh Paratore (author of the popular Wedding Planner's Daughter series) has a new book out: Sunny Holiday.  This title is written for a slightly younger audience than her previous books, (the main character is in fourth grade) and is sure to please.  Sunny  is a spunky fourth grader living in the fictional town of Riverton (which has many similarities to Troy).  Her father is in jail and her mother often works long hours, so Sunny decides to brighten up her life by adding a kid-centered holiday to every month to give herself something to look forward to.  Despite her hard life, Sunny almost always lives up to her name, and is a great example of having a positive attitude and outlook on life.  This would make a great read-alound for 3rd-5th grade classes; not only would students sympathize with Sunny, but they would also get a kick out of all of the local references.

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