Sunday, November 22, 2009

Helicopter Parents

I was intrigued by the cover article in Time magazine this week: helicopter parents.  I haven't seen too much of this in the Schenectady school district, but it was very common in my last job in the ' burbs.  I had a mother chastise me for recommending the Babar books for her 3-year-old because there was no way she was going to subject her child to those imperialistic viewpoints...what was I thinking?  Really.  He is a talking elephant who wears suits and carries a cane.  But anyway, I found the article fascinating.  Being overprotective is harmful to both children and parents.  The article made me wonder which is more harmful...too much parent involvement, or not enough?

Can These Parents Be Saved: the Growing Backlash Against Over-Parenting

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