Sunday, November 29, 2009

Picture book of the week: S is for Story: a Writer's Alphabet

Sleeping Bear Press has many titles in their Alphabet Book series; we own many at Elmer Library, including E is for Empire: a New York State Alphabet, B is for Battle Cry: a Civil War Alphabet,  and A is for America: an American Alphabet.  Esther Hershenhorn's S is for Story: a Writer's Alphabet is a great way to introduce young authors to writing vocabulary.  Each letter of the alphabet highlights a writing term with a short rhyming poem, and additional information is given in paragraph form along the side.  Terms defined include notebook, observe, genre, edit, and character.  Whimsical illustrations complete this charming book.  This title could be used with just about any age group, and it would be fun to have students write their own versions of the writer's alphabet book.  I think I feel a project coming on....

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