Thursday, October 29, 2009

Teacher Resources

Part of my job is to provide resources for classroom teachers. Please let me know when you need materials for your classrooms or websites to support what you are doing in the classrooms. I distribute planning sheets every month to coordinate my lessons with yours, but I would also love to do research project with your classes. I have every Friday morning open from 9-9:45, so let know if you would like to work on a special project!

We also subscribe to many professional journals, including Mailbox and Reading Teacher.

Here are some links that might be helpful to you:

Nettrekker: this is a fabulous database that provides interactive websites and lesson plan ideas, all reviewed by professional educators. It was described to me as "Google on steroids."

Brainpop: Entertain and educate your students about a variety of topics with our favorite cartoon robot, Moby.

World Book Online Encyclopedia: check out this online version of the high quality encyclopedia.

Discovery Education: find great video clips or clip art to share with your students.

Please see me if you need usernames and passwords, or if you would like to get together to plan a lesson using one of these online tools!

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