Friday, October 16, 2009

Elmer Avenue school students are published poets!

During the 2008-2009 school year, library classes in grades 3-6 wrote haikus and entered them in a poetry-writing contest. Ten current Elmer students were selected to have their poems published in a book of poetry. The following students have poems published in Young American Poetry Digest; the library owns a copy of the book and it is available for check-out. Congratulations to our published authors!

Austin A., fifth grade
Summer Vacation
Big hot vacation
Many people come to play
In the field to laugh

Breanna B., fourth grade
Polar Bears
Polar bears are white.
It’s my favorite animal.
It is snowy here.

Ally C., fifth grade
Warm crisp apple pie
The hot cocoa is burning
When you wrap yourself.

Destiny D., fourth grade
Fireflies light up
From the evening to the night.
I watch fireflies.

Alyssa H., fourth grade
Nature has beauty
There are many kinds indeed
All over the world

Anajah H., fourth grade
White is falling down.
What could it be?
Perhaps it is snow.

Ben H., fifth grade
I like vacation
I sweat all day in the summer
Then grab a cold drink

Margaret M., sixth grade
Here I am in Maine
York Beach to be exact
Shining sun on me

Faith W., fourth grade
Apples are growing
They are sweet and delicious
Granny Smith is great

Hermine W., fourth grade
It is warm today
The sun is shining
It is getting cool

Amber J., former Elmer student
Our teachers rock!
Teachers help you with school work!
Thank you for the help!

Dechelle T., former Elmer student
Books are all colors.
As authors form fun letters,
And readers read books.

Breana M., former Elmer student
Interesting books.
The pictures remind me of days.
Cool books and pictures.

Unice D., former Elmer student
I drank tea today
It was so sweet like honey
It felt good inside

Lilly M., former Elmer student
Mirrors all around
I can't stop spinning around
In my leotard

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